The Best Bonus Buy Online Casinos

Bonus games on slot machines are particularly popular. With the Bonus Buy Feature, you can buy free spins in some slot machines and thus increase your chances of winning immensely. We would like to show you below the online casinos where you can find slots with the internal free play function Bonus Buy. We’ll also let you know which are the best Bonus Buy slot machines.

The online casinos listed above not only have various Bonus Buy Slots listed in their portfolio, but they also score points in many other test categories. We played and made a test report for every single online casino. Of course, we only list reputable providers who have valid gaming licenses.


Advantages of the Bonus Buy function


Anyone who likes to play video slots mainly aims to get as many free spins as possible. Because they drastically increase the chances of winning at slots. Free spins are earned in most slot machines through the scatter. If the scatter symbol appears on your reels at least three times or even more often, you trigger free spins with which you can continue playing for free. You do not take any risks, because you do not lose any additional credit through the free spins. And the biggest advantage of the free spins cannot be dismissed out of hand: In most cases, free spins are associated with very high chances of winning.

Sometimes, unfortunately, luck lets you down and the scatters don’t want to appear on the reels. The balance is minimized, but you are simply not successful and do not win any free spins. The Bonus Buy function, which is now integrated into many slots, can help here. With us, you can learn more about such Slots, the feature itself, and the advantages and disadvantages of the Buy Free Spins function.

Buy Bonus – The feature and its function

As the term Bonus Buy already suggests, you can buy a bonus with this function. That means you buy yourself free spins. If you click on the Feature Buy or Bonus Buy symbol, you will automatically switch to the slot machine’s free play mode. If you have activated the function, the required scatter symbols will theoretically appear on your reels in the next round, which will give you free spins. You then always play these free rounds with the stake that you placed in the main game.

So if you want to try to get slightly higher profit amounts with the feature buy function, you should increase your round stake before buying. However, it can also be the case that the video slot does not achieve the desired or hoped-for success even with the bonus purchase. Slot machines are and will remain a game of chance, which is also the case when playing paid bonus rounds.

Bonus Buy Slots are slot machines where you can pay a bonus to get instant access to the main feature of the slot. Usually, these are the free spins. With the feature purchase, you get directly to the bonus feature and can play the separately paid games there. In general, you win in the bonus round within the slots 50-100 times the stake. The game is always played with the last bet made in the main game round.

However, you have to note that most online casinos do not allow feature purchases as long as you have an active bonus portion in your account. In this case, if you use the money to buy a bonus feature, your bonus and the associated profit can be confiscated. So never use Bonus buy if you have still activated any bonus!

What does the function cost?

The name of the function actually says it all – you have to use the money to trigger the bonus feature. This means that you first have to invest credit in order to gain credit. Most of the time, however, the winnings are higher than the amount you wagered for the bonus purchase. With some slot machines, an amount of 50 times your current stake is due, others ask you for 100 times or more. The higher the amount wagered, the higher the possible winnings.

Since additional functions are often activated with the purchased bonus feature, such as Multiplier, Expanding Wild, Wandering Wild, or Stacking Wild, the winnings are often well above the purchase price that you have to shell out for the free spins function. Furthermore, it is possible with many slot machines with a bonus buy function to achieve further free spins within the bonus rounds. Of course, these are then free spins and are not billed separately. If you are lucky enough to get additional free spins during the bonus games, the cash register can ring quite a bit.

Die besten Bonus Buy Slots

The Bonus Buy feature is particularly popular because it brings immediate action to the game and it can bring in huge winnings. According to our research, it was probably the software provider and developer Big Time Gaming who invented the first slots with a feature. At the same time, the Megaways slot machines were developed in this developer studio. An innovative idea that many other software developers have now integrated into their slot machines. There are now some top casino games with the purchase option for the bonus feature, which brings high-profit potential with it.

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The Best Online Casinos with Buy Function

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